ABC Transfers - Terms and Conditions

Mallorca Shuttle Tour is a limited company trading under current Spanish legislation and it is registered with the Mercantile Register of Palma de Mallorca. The Tax Identification Number is ES-B 57899049. The company's registered office is in Calle Volta de la Merce 5, planta 1 puerta 1, 07002 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Mallorca Shuttle Tour also trades as "", of which it has sole ownership.

For trading purposes, Mallorca Shuttle Tour. and the trademark "" have the registered use of the telephone number (+34) 651 104 799, and operate through the following website with e-mail address Before requesting a service offered electronically on the Mallorca Shuttle Tour. Website customers should ensure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions as laid out hereunder as these terms and conditions will govern any subsequent contract.

If you do not comprehend any of the contract conditions, we strongly recommend that you contact Customer care before proceeding with any contract.


  1. websites and the customer care help desk are currently available in English. However, every effort will be made to include other languages in the future.


  1. Through its websites, offers services for travel transfers for individuals or groups.
  2. Upon entering into a contract with the company will undertake the necessary formalities to contract the transfer service. This contract shall be deemed confirmed once the service supplier accepts the transfer request and notifies the customer of of this acceptance.

Online Contracting Procedure

  1. offers a range of services to which the suppliers have given their accord.
  2. The contract becomes legally binding only when receives confirmation from the supplier that the requested service is available and the customer of has been notified of this fact by email. In the event of the service supplier being unable to provide the requested service, the customer will be informed.
  3. The customer is required to acknowledge all notifications made to him by However, in the event of the customer failing to acknowledge receipt of an e-mail, the records that exists on e-mail server shall be considered as proof of reception.
  4. The booking voucher which must be presented to's service supplier will be made available to you at the time of email confirmation by This should be printed out so that it is readily available for inspection by the service supplier when requested during the transfer. It is recommended that customers should print out and carry with them all communications between the parties in addition to the transfer voucher itself.
  5. It is strongly recommended that website customers read all the terms and conditions of the offers in detail, and carefully checks the details of their reservations and confirmations before submitting their request to

Liability of

  1. The liability for the provision of transfer services between the customer and the service supplier is restricted solely to those two parties between whom the service has been the contracted's liabilities resulting from this agreement shall therefore be limited to those of a third-party broker between the customer and supplier. Any liabilities resulting from the provision of the transfer service shall be the sole responsibility of the service provider and their insurance companies.
  2.'s sole responsibility and liability is as an agent for each transfer supplier by providing the supplier with an online booking service using the customers' details as entered on website. Some service suppliers may have additional contract conditions of their own. is not liable for losses or damages that may occur through the incorrect processing by the service supplier of a customer's reservation details.
  3. cannot be held liable for incidents that may occur in the rendering of the service, more specifically illnesses, personal injuries or death, unless caused by their negligence. Any compensation for accident, illness or death resulting from the use of the transfer service must be addressed to the direct supplier of that service and shall be subject to the laws and to the jurisdiction of the country in which the service is effectively provided.
  4. is absolved of all liability whatsoever where the customer makes a contract directly with the service supplier.
  5. Every endeavour will made by to rectify in the shortest possible period any errors to which our attention has been drawn. Should such errors result in bookings being made against faulty pricing and promotional information reserves the right to terminate the contract without offering compensation to the customer.

Changes, Amendments and Cancellations

  1. The voucher sent to the customer by includes the customer's requested destination / pickup and their accommodation address. Any changes to these must be sent in writing (e-mail )to the central reservation offices of prior to the date of travel.
  2. Once the contract has been entered into with the customer is requested to notify's central reservations office of any errors.
  3. Any cancellation of contract must be made in writing by e-mail addressed to the central reservations office of

    Cancellation Policy - Refunds

    • - 100 % – 30 days or more from first transfer
    • - 100 % – 15 – 30 days or before first transfer.
    • - 100 % – 8 – 14 days before first transfer.
    • - 100 % – Less than 7 days before first transfer.
    • - 100 % - 24 hours before first transfer.
    • - Less than 24 hours the costumer must send an email to, refunds only when illness, death, accidents or other that considers a valid reason.

Contact Procedures

  1. All contact between the users of our websites and is only by e-mail.
  2. In the event of unavoidable alterations to the contract will inform the customer by e-mailing the address provided by the customer at the moment of booking, the act of sending of this e-mail being considered as proof of receipt by the customer. The same system pertains to all other advisory e-mails which may be sent to the customer by It is therefore essential that you check that the e-mail address furnished by you is correct and also that you ensure that you read any incoming e-mails up to the time of your departure.

Statement of Liability and Capacity

  1. The act of entering into this contract denotes implicitly that customers declare that :
    • - they are of legal age and in full use of their mental faculties thus enabling them to comply with all their legal responsibilities concerning this agreement.
    • - they are aware of the extent of the services which are the object of this contract, of the aforementioned information concerning of the content of the general conditions, and they hereby expressly waive the right to cancellation.
    • - they hereby testify that all the details provided to enter and use this Internet site are correct, complete, truthful and up-to-date.
    • - they understand that they must notify of any variation or alteration to the details that they have provided.
  2. The services supplied in the contract are provided in accordance with the details specified in the confirmation. It is therefore incumbent on the customer to print out and check the transfer confirmation for accuracy. If the details of the confirmation are incorrect the customer must contact central reservations office immediately to rectify these. is not liable for any reservations made which are impossible to carry out and the customer will not be reimbursed for such reservations.


  1. At the time of the transfer, the driver employed by the service supplier will wait at the agreed pick-up point for a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of flight arrival. The waiting time from any other point shall be restricted to 30 minutes after the agreed time.
  2. The customer is responsible for checking the time agreed for the pick-up by the transfer service, and also for ensuring that their chosen arrival time at the departure airport allows them to get there at least 10 minutes before the check-in desk opens (not closes) and under no circumstances less than two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
  3. cannot be held liable for delays due to force majeure, or to other circumstances that are unforeseeable or beyond their control, such as accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, police checkpoints, acts of terrorism or vandalism, extreme weather conditions, etc.
  4. It is the customer responsibility to provide at the time of reservation full and accurate addresses for the pick-up and destination points. The service supplier will pick the customer up and set him down as close as possible to the given addresses always allowing for ease of access and the type of vehicle used. In the event that access via the conventional route is closed due to weather conditions, road accidents etc., the service supplier will, at the customer's express request, use a longer route to reach the agreed destination, but in this instance the customer would be liable for any additional costs.
  5. All vehicles used for contracted transfer purposes are included in the public liability cover of the service supplier's insurance policy.
  6. Those destinations that require the customer to call in order to reconfirm the trip are specified on the voucher. Should the customer fail to reconfirm the trip, shall not provide the service and shall not refund the price of the service.
  7. has a 24-hour emergency telephone number which is clearly indicated on the customer's travel voucher.
  8. is unable to guarantee the vehicle category in which the transfer will be made, as circumstances may prevail where a vehicle of a similar or higher category will be used by the service supplier.


  1. Each passenger may carry one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg in addition to hand luggage. All luggage must be securely labelled with the owner's name and destination address.
  2. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. The passenger shall be liable for all expenses incurred should additional vehicles be required to transport non-declared excess luggage.
  3. The customer's acceptance of the proposed contract and its terms and conditions is considered as agreement by the customer that under no circumstances will he include in his luggage nor carry on his person any object in contravention with the legislation of the country in which the transfers will be effected (firearms etc), nor those likely to be injurious to any third party, nor any animals other than as defined.
  4. Transport of luggage and other belongings is undertaken solely to the customer's risk and under no circumstances can be held responsible for any loss or damage. Such risk of loss or damage should be the object of private insurance taken out by the customer prior to departure. Should any of the customer's belongings be left in the vehicle these will be forwarded to his accommodation address and the customer will be charged accordingly.
  5. Pets carried are the exclusive responsibility of the customer. They must travel in a container that conforms to IATA specifications, and their well-being should be carefully considered before the journey commences. In no instance may pets be transported without prior consent from If the carriage of pets entails additional costs then these will be payable by the customer.

Administrative Formalities

  1. The customer is responsible for carrying his documentation necessary for frontier crossing. Hereby refutes all liability and refuses to incur any supplementary expenses caused by failure to carry these documents or for failure to observe customs, police, tax authorities or administrative rules of those countries where entry is required. The transport voucher is not a valid documentation to obtain entry visas.
  2. In the event of having to pay a deposit or fine to the Authorities of other countries as a result of the customer's failure to observe the laws, regulations, etc. or other travel requirements of those countries which he intends to enter, leave or pass through, the customer will be held solely responsible for their reimbursement to who reserves the right to hold any of the customer's monies already paid to until the customer can provide proof of reimbursement of such fines, charges etc.

Right of Admittance

  1. In entering into this contract the customer accords to and the service supplier the right to refuse to transport any passenger who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those whose behaviour may be considered dangerous to the driver of the vehicle or to other passengers.
  2. No alcoholic drinks may be carried in the service supplier's vehicles for the purpose of on-board consumption. This prohibition extends to narcotics.
  3. Smoking is forbidden inside the vehicles.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the websites have been granted under licence to and are protected by national and international regulations governing intellectual property.
  2. Use of our website content by third parties for any purpose other than booking transfers is prohibited, including the modification, subsequent publication and total or partial reproduction or representation of the same without the express consent of Any unlawful use of the website for any purpose whatsoever is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.

Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

  1. These General Conditions are subject to the provisions set forth in Spanish legislation, more specifically, Law 34/2002, dated 11 July, on Services on the Information Society and E-commerce; Law 7/1998, dated 13 April, on the General Contract Terms, Spanish Royal Decree 1906/1999, dated 17 December, on the General Conditions of Telephone or Electronic Services Contracts; Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, EC Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and Council, dated 8 June, Directive on electronic commerce, and Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and Council, dated 20 May on the Protection of Consumers in respect to Distance Contracts.
  2. The contract agreed between and the customer shall be governed in accordance with Spanish legislation.
  3. Settlement of any controversy that may arise between the customer and will be subject to Spanish jurisdiction in the courts of Palma de Mallorca.